The future of college campus tours starts here.

It’s time to get real about the college admissions process — its boring, impersonal, and calculated. Today’s prospective students are tech savvy and demand authentic experiences and honest dialogue. Xpeeri is an open platform to quickly connect with current college students on campuses across the country and schedule a meeting in person or online.

Becoming a campus tour guide has never been this rewarding.

Today, colleges either pay students minimum wage or rely on volunteers to give tours. With millions of dollars in potential tuitions each year at stake, you’d think they’d treat their ambassadors better, right? With Xpeeri, you’ll get paid good money to share your college experience with prospective students that share similar interests and eager to learn what makes your school truly great.

Rising Tuition Costs

A better financial decision for the students and parents.

According to the Department of Education, approximately 25% of students who start at a four-year public or private institution transfer at some point. With mind-boggling tuition costs and a real possibility of leaving, making a more informed decision and choosing the right college the first time has never been more important. With Xpeeri, you get unfiltered and informative information about the college, the areas of focus you’re interested in, and what campus life is really like.

Xpeeri isn’t just for students and parents. It’s great for college admissions too!

Every college wants to provide the best possible experiences to prospective students visiting their campus, but being able to deliver that experience is a significant challenge. Recruiting engaged tour guides, managing and scheduling tours, and getting meaningful feedback and data to act on utilizing modern technology seems impossibly out of reach. Xpeeri can help.

A new generation of campus tours at your fingertips.

Here are just a few features that makes Xpeeri the smartest and easiest way to do campus tours.

Tailored Tours

Custom tailored tours that give you genuine insights into the real campus life and information based on your personal interests.

Xpeeri Certified

All Xpeeri Tour Guides are certified and vetted to provide you with a safe, enlightening, and enjoyable experience during your visit.

Video Chats

While in person tours are always recommended to get the best possible experience, Xpeeri offers video conferencing to prospective students and parents that can’t make the trip.

Safe & Secure

Xpeeri does a thorough background check on all student tour guides. Additionally, each tour requires a brief mandatory video chat introduction exchange prior to the in person tours.