A platform for innovating and evolving your college tours.

Today’s prospective college students require a better experience. Recruiting quality tour guides and then managing the massive increases in tours does not need to be your problem.  Custom tours are not out of reach.  Xpeeri provides a platform to recruit, manage, and deliver tours.  The data we provide allows you to see trends, identify the best guides, and target students

Deliver custom tours and keep your overhead low.

Our tour platform focuses on true campus experiences for students while giving you the tools to recruit, review, and manage the guides.  The ultimate goal is to provide the best first impression with more options for students and parents.

Provide “something we can’t Google” to students.

Xpeeri has done the research and we consistently hear requests for unique, modern, and custom offerings. Your team needs to exceed those expectations.

  • Phone Tours

  • Activity Based Tours

  • Management Portal

  • Guide Profiles

  • Guide Ratings

  • Onsite Tours

  • Major Based Tours

  • Data Driven Advertising

  • Guide Recommendations

  • Guide/Tour Scheduling

Help students and parents make the best decision.

20 million students enroll in college per year and tour volume has grown between 25-60% each year for most campuses.  Xpeeri can adapt to your department’s needs, and provide solutions for the ever-changing expectations of parents and students.  By providing typical tours, virtual tours, phone interviews, personalized campus experiences, and more, Xpeeri is the only way to tour better.